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The Adjustable ROM Knee Brace is the ideal brace for progressive rehabilitation. Polycentric hinges have flexion and extension settings that can be adjusted in 20-degree increments to control movement of the joint, preventing further injury and speeding the healing process. The hinges are dual axis, so they track more closely with the knee motion and provide medial and lateral stabilization to the joint. Brace is constructed with Tri-Permalon material which is an excellent alternative to neoprene. It is latex-free and neoprene-free for cool and comfortable wear. Outer material is hook compatible and allows wrap closures to close anywhere on the support for a fully adjustable, custom-like fit. An opening at the back of the knee eliminates bunching and irritation behind the knee and the wraparound design makes application easy for swollen, tender joints.

Universal Regular 12 – 20″
Universale Plus 18 – 26″

Measure around center of knee cap

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