At Bay City Medical, we offer prescription-strength gradient compression stockings. These stockings are worn on the legs from the foot to the upper thigh, or to just below the knee. This class of stocking creates pressure up the leg and is important in keeping blood from pooling and clotting. The stockings are indicated as treatment for venous insufficiency and also can be worn after any venous procedures. You need to be fitted by members of our staff that are specially trained to be sure that the stocking fit appropriately. We also believe in educating our customers as we work with them to achieve the best possible results.

Medical gradient compression stockings help the veins where they need it most: from the ankle upwards. This brings a noticeable improvement in the blood flow in your legs.

Medical gradient compression stockings come in three different compression levels designed to help specific venous conditions.Your doctor will prescribe or recommend the right compression class to ensure medically effective management of your venous condition.