Product Description

Surgical Tape

3M Micropore tape is a non latex, hypoallergenic paper surgical tape that is a soft and gentle to the skin and leaves minimal adhesive residue upon removal. The 3M Micropore paper tape is a easy-to-tear and made with a breathable backing to allow air to past.

Tape Sizes:
Micropore Paper Tape 1″ x 10 yards (12 Rolls per Box)
Micropore Paper Tape 2″ x 10 yards (6 Rolls per Box)

Medline Bulkee II Sterile Gauze Bandage

Bulkee II® Gauze Bandages: Ideal for both primary and secondary wound care dressings. When used as a primary dressing, the open weave design provides fast wicking, absorbency and aeration. Compared to the leading brands, Bulkee II® has a more tightly finished edge for reduced linting; and more crimps per linear foot for increased cushioning and patient comfort. The 6-ply Bulkee II® bandage stretches and conforms to a variety of patient needs. It performs exceptionally well in burn care applications. Sterile ‘ 4.5″ x 4.1 yds, stretched.

Abdominal (ABD) Pads

Medline’s super absorbent abdominal pads feature a soft non-woven outer layer that quickly wicks fluid to a cellulose center. This thick layer of cellulose quickly absorbs and disperses fluids laterally to prevent pooling. Hydrophobic back impedes strike through and all edges are sealed to prevent “linting”.

Individually wrapped
Varying sizes: 5″x9″; 8″x7.5″; 8″x10″; 10″ x 30″ Multi-Trauma Dressing (MTD)
General wound care
Primary pressure dressing
Latex Free

XEROFORM Petrolatum Gauze Dressing

Product Description:
XEROFORM Petrolatum Gauze contains 3% Bismuth Tribromophenate in a special petrolatum blend on a fine mesh gauze. XEROFORM is a sterile, non-adhering permeable dressing. The dressings bacteriostatic action protects against environmental contamination.

Size: 5″ x 9″


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