Product Description

Basic Models (See options below)

300 Chap style one leg (charge oversize for waist only)
301 One leg open crotch
302 One leg panty open crotch
303 One leg panty closed crotch
304  Waist high 2 leg open crotch
305 Waist high 2 leg closed crotch
306 Waist high 2 leg pregnancy
307 Chap style two legs (charge oversize for waist only)
308 Panty girdle above knee
309 Panty girdle below knee
333 One stump open crotch
334 One stump panty open crotch
335 One stump panty closed crotch
336  Leg & stump open crotch
337 Leg & stump closed crotch
338 Two stump open crotch
339 Two stump closed crotch
341 Stump support chap above knee

About This Product: Custom compression therapy waist length stockings, chaps and panty girdles are manufactured for an anatomically exact fit, providing therapeutic treatment for venous insufficiency, lymphedema and helping prevent and/or control the development of burn contractures and keloids.

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